What’s Trending in Home Design?

October 18, 2022

After choosing to build your custom home with Harcrest Homes, the next step is deciding what to include in your dream residence. Utilizing popular styles and trends in a home can be tricky in our ever-changing market. Every year, popular home designs and color palettes change to reflect the modern buyer. The Harcrest Homes team prides itself on delivering clients the best in home design to craft well-designed and lasting homes.

Rise in Outdoor Living

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many homebuyers felt the need to incorporate the beauty of the outdoors into their home. Whether by adding patios and porches, large window fixtures or outdoor pools and gardens, outdoor living has risen to the top of many homebuyers’ wish lists.

Outdoor living spaces promote a healthy blend of the inside and outside, making the home seem larger and allowing residents to enjoy the changing seasons of the south. Outdoor living also makes entertaining easy and promotes a seamless flow between spaces.

Timeless Design

If the constant change in home design taught homebuyers anything, it’s to stick to classic choices when custom-designing a home. Vibrant colors and funky patterns come and go, but traditional selections are here to stay.

Interior choices such as crisp white cabinetry, tray ceilings, tall windows, marble countertops and more have been permanent fixtures in homes for decades and will continue to be as trends come and go. Another way to incorporate timeless design into a home is to choose a style you gravitate towards and foster as your home wears through the years.

Color, Color and More Color!

After spending two years indoors, many homeowners began adding splashes of color wherever possible to create a sense of liveliness and vibrance in spaces that can grow tiresome. Color of the year selections began to reflect vivid swatches of pinks, greens and purples as homeowners began to crave color.

Another color trend is the use of earthy tones to promote nature and a sense of calm in communal spaces such as the kitchen, den and dining room.

Single-Level Living

Over the years, homeowners have also learned that multiple levels are not as necessary as they were in the past. This is especially true with rising Millennial homebuyers and retired active adults and seniors. Market participants realized quality trumps quantity when it comes to new and custom construction, prompting the search for multi-purpose spaces in place of large floorplans.

Single-level living is also easier to maintain for older homebuyers and seamlessly adapts to the needs of growing and shrinking families through the years.

Harcrest Homes Kitchen Showcases Top Design Trends

Flexible Spaces

Two years ago, communal areas transformed into crowded, multi-purpose spaces as homes failed to serve modern homebuyers’ needs.

Creating flexible spaces within a home is essential. Homes need the ability to adapt to a family’s needs as they navigate the years. What begins as a playroom can easily transition into a study nook or library as needed. Not to mention the yoga studio might also serve as a home office or place for storage.

Home Offices

Hybrid and work-from-home models grew in popularity as companies learned that workers are just as productive, if not more so, working from home. Once this shift occurred, homebuyers flocked to the market to find homes with home office spaces to meet the needs of the shifting workforce.

Home offices provide a private place to work through the day’s to-do list for employees that prefer the work-from-home life. The designated space promotes productivity and quiet allowing people to work diligently without the distractions of the home’s communal areas.

More Marble

While granite countertops seem to dominate the home design industry, marble has been a luxury choice for homebuyers for several decades. This classic and pristine look adds an element of elegance to any bathroom or kitchen and easily adapts to any hue.

The traditional countertop selection also finds its way into the bathroom, adoring expansive showers, bathtubs and floors, shifting an ordinary bathroom into a spa-like oasis! Whether the choice is Carrara, Statuary, Calacatta or Crema Marfil marble, it is a classic choice to incorporate into any home.

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