Prep Your Custom Harcrest Home for Fall

September 27, 2023

As the leaves start to turn and the air carries a hint of crispness, there is no better time to revel in the new season’s beauty than in your custom Harcrest home! From prepping your residence for the dropping temperatures to decorating for the upcoming holidays, our team compiled tips to launch your custom Harcrest home into the fall season.

Preparing Your Unique Home for Fall

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Ensuring your home is well-prepared for the brisk embrace of autumn is essential. Begin with a thorough examination of your heating system. Schedule a professional inspection to ensure it’s running efficiently and replace filters to guarantee clean air circulates throughout your living space. Additionally, inspect windows and doors for any drafts or gaps that may allow in chilly air. Seal these areas with weather-stripping or caulk to keep your home warmer and save on energy costs.

Don’t overlook your gutters and downspouts! With leaves falling, they are more prone to clogging, potentially leading to water damage. Clear them out to ensure proper drainage, preventing any potential issues as the rainy season approaches. Fall is also an ideal time to have your fireplace cleaned and inspected by a professional to ensure safe and efficient use during the cooler months.

Lastly, take a walk around your property and trim any overhanging branches or bushes. This enhances the aesthetic and prevents potential hazards during autumn storms. Clean outdoor furniture and store it away or cover it to protect it from the elements. Additionally, inspect your roof for any loose or damaged shingles that may lead to leaks in the coming months. You’ll create a warm, secure haven for the upcoming season by proactively addressing these maintenance tasks.

Embrace the New Season with Cozy Design

Now, let’s dive into the exhilarating phase of preparing your home for the new season! Infuse a sense of warmth throughout with carefully chosen accents like pillows, blankets and rugs. Swap out lightweight curtains for heavier drapes, imparting an elegant touch to the seasonal ambiance and protecting against the cold. If you have a fireplace, let it take center stage, setting the scene for intimate gatherings and enhancing the overall warmth and coziness of your space.

Bring the essence of fall indoors with inviting scents such as cinnamon, pumpkin spice or apple cider. Employ either candles or essential oil diffusers to achieve this aromatic embrace. Infuse natural elements like pinecones, acorns and potpourri to lend an authentic connection to nature in your space. Bring the bounty of the fall harvest by crafting meals with seasonal produce like apples, pumpkins and squash and enhance the inviting ambiance with the tantalizing aroma of baking. In all living areas, illuminate your space with soft, warm lighting, employing lamps with gentle-toned bulbs and candles to craft a welcoming atmosphere that perfectly complements the autumnal design.

Carry this warmth beyond your interiors with plush seating, fire pits and outdoor heaters to take advantage of your outdoor living spaces in the cooler months. Embellish your exterior with pumpkins, hay bales and wreaths to extend a hearty welcome to guests during gatherings. Elevate your garden with the vibrant hues of fall-blooming flowers like chrysanthemums, aster and pansies. Introduce ornamental grasses and lively foliage for an added burst of color.

Ready to turn your dream home into a reality? Reach out to the Harcrest Homes team at 678-828-7151 or online, and let us bring your vision to life. Visit our Project Gallery for even more design inspiration!