Incorporate Your Dream Mudroom into Your Custom Lake House

September 7, 2021

Harcrest Homes is known for making dreams come true in the Lake Lanier custom homes we build in Flowery Branch, and more often than not, those dreams include a mudroom.

Yes, people really dream of mudrooms.

Have you seen the memes that say you know you’re an adult when something you once considered mundane makes you happy, like clean sheets or a spotless kitchen?  It’s kind of like that with mudrooms. This area where kids drop the day’s books and sports equipment without second thought creates one of life’s biggest luxuries in the grownup world.

At Harcrest Homes, where we work with homebuyers to design a custom home from scratch or to adapt one of our plans, we pay a lot of attention to the little things that make life easier. Here are some of the mudroom components our homeowners love.

Floors Made to Endure

home mudroom

A good mudroom starts with a floor that can stand all the remnants of muddy, rainy days your kids, pets and sports-loving family members can throw at it. Nonporous surfaces are a must. Popular options are tile, quality vinyl, and brick. If your favorite flooring is more porous than ideal, like some wood options, we can work with you to apply the proper sealant.

Built-Ins and Cubbies Designed to Organize

home mudroom with shelving

Preferences differ on whether cabinets and cubbies that hold backpacks, purses, coats and shoes should be open or concealed, but most prefer some combination. We often place open cubbies in low areas for family members to stash items as they are or conceal them in baskets. An open area above often has hooks for hanging coats and bags. Then, we’ll also add higher cabinets with doors to store out of season gear. Sometimes, open storage lines one side of the mudroom while locker-type cabinets hide messy coats and bags on the opposite side.

The built-in with cubbies also include a bench to give family members a place to sit as they put on their shoes on the way out the door and to rest as they first come home and drop the day’s burdens.

Drop Zones Created to Catch

home mud room with shelving

Speaking of dropping the day’s burdens – like it or not, mudrooms are the ultimate drop-zone for mail, school papers, permission slips, bills, and every other piece of paper that comes through the door. Our homeowners love having some counterspace to place keys and the mail. They often want small sorting cubes above to organize the papers according to family member or action required.

The counter space can also be used as a charging station for mobile devices – plug in that dying phone as soon as you get in the door or set the work laptop to charge at night so it is ready for the next day.

Pro-tip: Include cabinet space for a junk mail recycling bin and a trash can to collect drink cups, fast food bags and packaging. There’s no need for those things to ever see the inside of the house!

Cleaning Areas Positioned to Keep Out the Dirt

Since the mudroom’s purpose is literally to catch the mud before it comes in the house, it makes sense that many homeowners set up cleaning stations there too.

These days, custom mudrooms are more often serving either as the primary laundry room or, in some cases, to house a second, smaller washer/dryer set. In either case, a built-in hamper can store dirty clothes, and another counter can provide a folding shelf.

Many homeowners install utility sinks, too. From cleaning up dirty sports equipment to rinsing the mud off boots to giving family members a place to wash their hands as soon as they get home, a mudroom sink can keep germs and dirt from entering the main living areas.

Finally, some homeowners like to include a place to wash their dogs. In this case, not only is dirt confined, but so is the wet dog smell and all of the water droplets that go flying when Fido shakes after a bath.

Homes Designed to Love

home interior

Whether you want to build at Sterling on the Lakes near Lake Lanier or you have your own lot in another location, Harcrest Homes is ready to help create the home you really want. You can customize one of our plans, or we can work with your architect to build something entirely new.

See samples of our work in our photo gallery and call us at 678-828-7151 when you’re ready to move forward – with every luxury and each mundane-but-glorious detail you can dream.