Home Organization: Pantries

May 21, 2020

Between cooking, cleaning and putting away ingredients, it’s hard to keep the kitchen pantry in order. A well-organized and functional pantry is important to have in any home. Not only will you be able to quickly figure out what items you have and don’t have, but you can also easily reach necessary items. If you’re looking for a bit of pantry organization help for your new custom home, here are a few tips and tricks that will help create and maintain ultimate pantry organization.

Home Organization Pantries

Sort by Category

The best and easiest way to organize pantry spaces is to organize by category. Gathering like items guarantees you can find what you need when you need it. Sort items into basic categories such as breakfast, baking and snacks. Place those food items into labeled baskets or bins to ensure they stay together and don’t get lost among other pantry items.

Give Everything a Place

Nobody wants to rummage through the pantry for staple ingredients, especially when in a rush. Make sure the cooking and baking essentials are within easy reach for when they are needed. Use large glass jars to store everything from flour, sugar, dry pasta, beans, rice and more. Place those jars on an eye-level shelf where they can easily be seen and selected. On a shelf higher up, store more specialty staples that are not used as often such as spices, nuts or dried fruit.

Use Door Space

Add more space to your pantry by taking advantage of pantry doors. Pantry doors are extremely versatile when it comes to pantry organization. A simple wire shelf or an over-the-door organizer can be the perfect place to store smaller pantry items like spices, oils and condiments. You can hang an over-the-door shoe holder and fill the slots with packaged treats to create the ultimate grab n’ go snack station.

Custom Pantry Options

Opportunities for pantry opportunities are endless when building a custom pantry. Walk-in pantries, corner shelving pantries and reach in pantries with pull out drawers are just a few all custom options available. For those who want to make even more use of their pantry space, you could even add additional shelves for extra storage or extra height for storing kitchen appliances that are not in use. Think about the features that matter most to your family and what custom designs would be the most practical for your kitchen space and lifestyle.

At Harcrest Homes, we understand that every family is unique and has its own special set of needs. That is why we love to work to make sure every one of our custom homes reflects the specific wants and needs of our clients.

Be sure to consider your pantry space when building you dream custom home! For more ideas, read our most recent blogs here. You can also call 678-828-7151 to get started on the new home building process today!