Home Organization: Outdoor Living

April 3, 2020

The weather is fantastic and there is no better time to get started organizing your outdoor living area. You want to make sure everything is in place, clean and accounted for so the whole family can enjoy all the spring and summer months have to offer. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, or aren’t sure where to start, take a look at a few of our outdoor living home organization tips to help you get started!

Outdoor living area

Discreet Storage Areas

If your outdoor living area is smaller, or there isn’t a lot of room for additional features, consider adding in storage areas that double as other functional pieces. For example, a bench with storage underneath goes from being a cozy seating area to a place to store all of the gardening tools as well! When designing outdoor kitchen areas, make sure to incorporate lots of under-the-counter storage space instead of just counters. This can help double or even triple the number of storage areas outside without taking up any additional room.

Outdoor living area

Built-In Options

When building a brand-new outdoor living space, the built-in options are endless! Shelving, sheds and cabinets are all possible choices. Think about the equipment and tools you might need to store outside and adjust the built-in options as necessary. If you grill or cookout a lot when the weather allows it, add extra cabinetry and drawers around the outdoor cooking station. For kids who love to spend time outside in the pool or playing different sports, a utility shed or custom storage bins for organization might be the best option. Whatever it is, make sure all the outdoor hobbies are well-organized and accounted for in the outdoor living space!


When organizing the outdoor living area, think about what you use the most and have those items more accessible. No one wants to dig around several lawn-care maintenance tools to find the dive toys or pool floats that get used every day. Another thing to consider is the season! Try organizing outdoor equipment by the time of year in totes, baskets or other storage containers. Ensure they are clearly labeled and place them in a weather-resistant area. This makes it easy to rotate items and bring the current season to the forefront while hiding away irrelevant items until they are needed again.

When building your custom-built dream home, make sure to consider how the outdoor living area will look and stay organized! For more ideas, read our most recent blogs here. You can also call 678-828-7151 to get started on the new home building process today!