Five Reasons to Choose a Custom Home

May 29, 2020


To build a custom home or not to build a custom home, that is a question many families looking for a new home are faced with. Building a custom home is more than just building a new house. When building custom, homebuyers are building a space constructed and designed with their family’s lifestyle, hobbies and preferences in mind. Every small but important detail is accounted for, ensuring your home is the perfect fit. If you’re considering the possibility of building custom, here are the top five reasons to own a custom home of your own.

Custom home


  1. Show Your Personality


One of the best parts of building a custom home is having the opportunity to personalize it to your desired style. From flooring and wall colors to countertops and cabinetry, the homebuyer decides it all with guidance from our Harcrest Homes team. It’s your home, so show your personality throughout it. It doesn’t end there! If you have been dreaming of a farmhouse kitchen and a formal, elegant dining room, you don’t have to choose – have them both! You will love being in charge of every detail, and the family will love adding in their own touch of personalization as well.


  1. Maximize Functionality


Pre-existing floorplans don’t always fit every family’s lifestyle. Not every buyer fits into a preexisting category. Whether you are a big family of five with lots of pets, empty nesters looking to downsize or just a small family looking to start on your next home adventure, a custom home can ensure all your needs are accounted for. Choosing the scope of functionality also allows you to make sure you are only paying for what you actually want and need! Avoid settling with a semi-functional home and build custom instead. At Harcrest Homes, we strive to help our homeowners maximize every square inch of their new home and create a space that is as beautiful as it is functional. We offer a variety of floor plan options for homebuyers to choose from that are completely flexible to their unique needs.


  1. Choose Your Homes Location


Build a home you love, where you love. Location is important and should always be considered in the home building process. Building a custom home allows the homebuyer to select the land they wish to build their home for the lifestyle they wish to live. If you love spending countless hours on the lake, we specialize in building custom homes on the picturesque Lake Lanier. No lot? No problem! Harcrest Homes can help you find the perfect home site. Additionally, we have homesites in several sought-after communities throughout the greater Atlanta area that are available to homebuyers as well.


  1. Control Your Budget


Building a custom home sounds like an expensive endeavor, but that is not always the case. Harcrest Homes understands the costs that go into building a home and we work to design a home that meets our buyer’s lifestyle needs and budget. We also work to keep selections in the budget.  Our homebuyers are in control of what goes into their custom home, but we will work to coach them to stay within the limits of their selected budgets. We are also 100% transparent throughout the entire home building process. Before any building or planning begins, we show our future homeowners several different home plans priced at a variety of price points. This allows them to get a better idea of how much a certain type of home costs.


  1. Enjoy High Quality Materials


Building a custom home ensures that homeowners a home that is built with the highest quality materials available. Custom builders are known for their craftsmanship and can be trusted to build a home that is made to last. After all, our goal is to build your forever home and that starts with a well-built and resilient home.


Our Harcrest Homes team of passionate building professionals is here to help you on your custom home journey. Whether you build on your own lot, or choose one of our selected community sites, we promise to build you a dream home that you can enjoy for years to come.


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