Design Feature: Owner’s Suite Bathrooms

February 15, 2021

At Harcrest Homes, we believe in creating stunning spaces to spend a lifetime in. From choosing the perfect trim to selecting the color palette of a home to determining the ideal amount of counter space for cooking big family dinners, to ensuring there is ample room for everyone in the family to pursue their hobbies and passions, we think of every detail – no matter how big or small! This is especially important in any high-traffic areas of the home like owner’s suite bathrooms.

Owner’s suite bathrooms need plenty of planning before deciding on the final details. What type of bathtub do you want – a clawfoot, a pedestal, a soaking tub and Jacuzzi tub? Which materials are right for the counters and floors? What unique design aspects can we implement to best fit the right aesthetic? All these questions are important to consider when planning the perfect owner’s suite bathroom. After all, this is where you get ready for work every morning, dress up for fun nights out on the town, treat yourself to a luxurious at-home spa day and so much more! To ensure all the details of a new custom owner’s suite bathroom are perfect, take a look at some of our most anticipated design selections from Harcrest Homes:

Unique Materials

Make a statement in the owner’s suite bathroom by utilizing unique materials. Forget the monotony of simple white tiles on the floor and in the shower and opt for something more fun! A black stone accent wall in the shower contrasts with white marbled tile to add an element of high end design to this bathroom.

Owner’s Suite Bathrooms

Another way to incorporate unique materials into the bathroom is by mixing a few together! Can’t decide which look is the best? Use them all! In this custom walk-in shower, we combined three eye-catching tile designs to create a stunning shower masterpiece. Offset, staggered tile makes up the walls and bench, while a distinctive mosaic pattern of natural stone completes the floor and built-in shelving alcoves.

Owner’s Suite Bathrooms

Trendy Lighting Fixtures

Everyone knows the lighting in an owner’s suite bathroom must be perfect! The right lighting makes getting ready for a fun date night, a casual hangout with friends or a simple dinner party so much easier. It also helps to ensure that pictures and selfies are Instagram worthy! In addition, the right lighting fixture elevates an entire room. For a more modern look, add pendant lighting with mixed-use materials to the owner’s suite bathroom. In this custom build, a pendant lighting fixture composed of glass and matte black accents, as well as three sets of track-and-rail lighting provide style. The combination of two unique lighting fixtures adds depth to the room while also ensuring happy homeowners have ample light when getting ready for the day!

Owner’s Suite Bathrooms


The right bathtub can make all the difference in a custom owner’s suite bathroom. At Harcrest Homes, we believe in choosing a tub that not only offers complete relaxation, but also adds to the overall design of the room. For a more uniform look and a touch of elegance, an attached drop-in tub is the perfect addition to a custom build. Incorporate tile that matches the bathroom floor into the frame for a seamlessly integrated look.

If your vision centers around a more modern aesthetic, a free-standing soaking tub is the way to go! With clean crisp lines and a minimalist design, this standard tub offers a simple fresh look. Pair it with plain matte fixtures to finish off the design and enjoy a contemporary retreat at home!

No matter what you’re imagining for that future custom owner’s suite bathroom, our dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable team at Harcrest Homes can help it come to life! Start dreaming about what features you want and make sure to visit our Pinterest page here for more inspiration and ideas to help get started!

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