Design Feature: Gourmet Kitchens

December 17, 2021

When you imagine your dream kitchen, what does this space include? Maybe an oversized island with a glossy countertop, sleek cabinetry and a gorgeous sink with a lovely view outside as the backdrop.

Whatever your dreams may be, our homes are sure to deliver an amazing kitchen design meant to make you fall in love!

The kitchen has a great variety of purposes in your daily lifestyle. From cooking to gathering the family together, entertaining and so much more, this is a place where cherished memories are made. A space this important for your household deserves thoughtful details to make it the perfect focal point of your custom home.

That’s why we incorporate countless luxury features into our custom kitchens that seamlessly combine beauty and functionality to create a space that feels like walking into a dream. Here are several details incorporated into our gourmet kitchens that make them the heart of every home we build!

Oversized Islands

Our center islands are easily the star of every kitchen we create! With stunning granite or quartz countertops and gorgeous cabinetry, your kitchen island is sure to instantly catch attention and highlight your style. This staple kitchen feature is the key to ensuring your family can easily cook, dine, entertain and spend quality time together in this space. That’s why our homes include oversized islands delightfully designed to act as a durable and stylish feature within the kitchen.

gourmet kitchens

Enjoy abundant space to lay out delicious dishes, as well as plenty of space to seat everyone at the counter! Not only does it provide the additional counter space you need, but it also creates a natural hub for conversation or a place to enjoy casual meals with friends and family.

Practical Storage Areas

Storage is hands down one of the most central functions of your kitchen – at least it should be! Having storage areas is an essential way to maximize your space and keep a clutter-free kitchen. The more storage your kitchen provides, the more function this space offers as you prepare meals or gather your family.

gourmet kitchen cabinets

Our gourmet kitchens deliver abundant cabinet space, as well as pull-out drawers at every turn to ensure every item has its place. Homeowners also enjoy convenient walk-in pantries to hide all goods and common kitchen appliances from view and keep the kitchen’s appealing style top-of-mind. Get ready to discover a wide array of wonderful storage solutions designed to make the way you live easier than ever.

Reliable Sinks

If there’s an area of your kitchen most likely to see activity daily, it has to be your sink. We all spend plenty of time at the sink, working to keep our kitchen consistently spotless and clean. With this in mind, we take extra consideration when creating the details for this important feature of your kitchen.

gourmet kitchens

As modern farmhouse designs rise in popularity, we’re seeing lots of love for farmhouse sinks among our homebuyers. Known for their simple, yet highly efficient design, our farmhouse sinks provide deep basins perfect for washing larger pots and pans. They also act as a distinctive statement piece in any kitchen!

Efficient Layouts

Just as important as the features within your kitchen is the layout of this space where you stay busy. A thoughtfully designed floorplan is sure to impact your enjoyment and overall satisfaction with your kitchen by simplifying your daily chores.

custom kitchen

Our kitchens showcase expertly planned designs that streamline your everyday tasks by providing easy access to all necessities and open space for seamless movement. By taking careful consideration of the activities carried out in the kitchen, our custom homes deliver effectively deliver well-defined space that caters to your needs and lifestyle.

To see our work, browse photos of our gourmet kitchens by visiting our photo gallery. If you’re interested in building a brand-new home, call us at 678-828-7151 to learn more about how to get started making your kitchen dreams come true!