Crafting Dreams at the Currahee Club with Harcrest Homes

October 30, 2023

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Currahee Club near Lake Hartwell, Michael Cobb and his wife found their own piece of paradise. Born and raised in Houston, Cobb’s journey led him to a serene retirement in the northeast of Georgia, where the beauty of the landscape and the allure of golf captured his attention.

Upon embarking on the search for a builder to bring his dream home to life, fate led Cobb to the renowned Harcrest Homes and Mike Smith, thanks to a recommendation from a trusted acquaintance.

Cobb’s vision was nothing short of extraordinary—a custom plan intricately designed by his wife, meticulously crafted with Legos and Excel spreadsheets. With the final blueprint entrusted to a skilled architect, Smith deftly translated their dream into reality, making subtle adjustments to ensure perfection.

The result? A one-story haven with a walkout basement, where every inch of the 3,200 square feet on the main level is thoughtfully designed to facilitate graceful aging in place. The basement, a treasure trove of familial warmth, now houses additional bedrooms and a welcoming family area for cherished visits from children and grandchildren.

The most unique feature is the second bedroom on the main level, transformed into an adult lounge adjacent to a sophisticated butler’s pantry and bar, leading seamlessly to the dining room. This cozy enclave, adorned with rich, dark wood, promises to be a favored spot for entertaining cherished guests.

Currahee Club Golf Course


The decision to reside in the Currahee Club was easy for Cobb and his wife. Surrounded by the embrace of mountains, a sprawling golf course and the calming presence of Lake Hartwell, it’s a sanctuary that encapsulates everything he and his wife desired.

Cobb said, “We came and visited the club and found the golf course fantastic! We fell in love. Plus, it has four seasons!”

The Currahee Club, beyond its breathtaking vistas, boasts a clubhouse that stands as a testament to its charm and camaraderie. Yet, what truly sets this community apart is its people. Here, in this golf cart community, there is only warmth and friendliness at every turn.

The highlight of Cobb’s journey was the initial meeting with Smith. The seamless collaboration, the meticulous attention to detail and the genuine warmth set the tone for a remarkable partnership. Smith’s efficiency is astounding, completing projects that would often span a year in a mere five to six months. The continuous hum of activity at the construction site is a testament to his dedication and proficiency.

Cobb said, “Thank you [to the Harcrest Homes team] for making this a fabulous experience. We think the quality of the build is extremely high!”

Stay tuned for pictures of Cobb’s home by following along on social media! Visit our Build A Home page to take the first step on your custom home journey, or call 678-828-7151 to speak with a team member.