Home Organization: Garages

February 18, 2020

When most of us think of home organization, we initially think of organizing spaces within the home that we spend the most time in such as kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. However, one of the least used spaces of the home is often the most disorganized: the garage. Despite being notorious for clutter, garages are regularly overlooked when it comes to home organization. At Harcrest Homes, we make it a priority to create expertly crafted methods of organization built into every space of the home – garages included.

Create Zones

When organizing a large space such as a garage, the easiest way to start is by creating zones based on items you are storing. Most of us have certain items we’d like to store in the garage whether that be sports equipment, bicycles, holiday décor, gardening supplies, tools, cleaning products or extra household items like lightbulbs and electrical cords. Keep alike items together on the same shelf or general area, and label them so they are easy to find. Custom garages can even be designed with closets, rooms or carved out spaces for storing designated items.

Vertical Space

At the end of the day, garages are built for the purpose of housing cars which means vehicles probably take up the majority of the space. Luckily, there is still plenty of vertical space for organization along the perimeter walls. Add free-standing shelves, wall-mounted shelving or even custom-built shelving, drawers or cabinets to create customizable organization spaces for large boxes and storage bins. Add a utility tract to keep lawn tools and utility items securely against the wall and add a bike rack to keep scoters and bikes within reach.


If you’d rather store and organize your belongings inside or are just looking for even more ways to organize your space, consider adding a mudroom. A mudroom is a transitional space between the garage and the rest of the home that is used to store items such as shoes, coats, bags and more that would typically clutter the home. While mudrooms in the past served as more of an entryway, today they are functional spaces built with storage in mind. Add shelving, cabinets, hooks and even a storage bench to create a convenient space that keeps your family’s belongings stored away but still allows easy access to them.

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