Home Organization: Closets

February 6, 2020

Who doesn’t love good home organization? Nothing beats coming home after a long day at work to a beautiful custom home with everything exactly where it’s supposed to be. The last thing anyone wants to do after fulfilling day-to-day obligations is come home and clean. Good home organization techniques and practices implemented in the building and design phase of a home helps to create a stress-free living environment for the whole family! At Harcrest Homes, we make it a priority to create expertly crafted methods of organization built into the home. One of our favorite ways to implement this is through closets!

his and her walk-in closets

Walk-In Closets

We believe no owner’s suite is complete without a beautiful and functional walk-in closet. One of the most common types of walk-in closets our homeowners want are separate his-and-her walk-in closets. This means the couple gets separate sides for maximum organization! Not only do these closets offer plenty of room, but they also give a little extra privacy and personal space. Don’t worry about fighting with your husband or wife for closet space when getting ready for the workday or stressing about missing shoes. Now, everyone can keep to their own side of the closet and easily find the perfect outfit!

Reach-In Closets

Sometimes, walk-in closets aren’t the best option. If you are trying to save space in a room or have a guest room that is only used occasionally, a simple reach-in closet will do the trick! When we design smaller reach-in closets, we always make sure to keep our client’s storage needs in mind. By installing shelving to the sides of the closet, our clients can stock up on much-needed storage space without intruding into the room. Another easy closet hack to maximize space in reach-in closets is adding a second bar to hang clothing on. This doubles the space for clothes in the closet and is a perfect place to hang items like winter jackets, dress shirts and seasonal clothes that aren’t used very often. Transporting these items to a separate reach-in closet frees up space in your main areas!

Custom Closets

One of the best parts of building a custom home is designing it to your exact specifications. If anyone in the family has a specific hobby or activity they like to do, we can help create a custom space just for that! Are you into crafting or artistic pastimes? Maybe think about a closet with varying shelf spaces and drawers for art supplies. If sports are more your thing, we can plan a closet that offers unique spaces for various equipment, shoes and clothes! Nothing is too complicated when designing a custom dream home.

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