2022 Color Trends Are Right at Home on the Lake

November 17, 2021

As we build dream homes on Lake Lanier in Flowery Branch, we’re often asked about color trends. In some seasons, we see homebuyers and designers select bold, bright tones that highlight the liveliness of the lake – the perfect backdrops for speedboats, waterskiing, celebrations and fireworks.

It’s not surprising that after the last couple of pandemic years, the hues are different. Leading into 2022, choices are calmer, embracing the laid-back lifestyle and natural surroundings of lake living.

family room

While cool greys are still plentiful, these days, colors are likely to embrace warmer tones. They tend to evoke nature, create a sense of calm, and provide a neutral backdrop homeowners can use as a canvas to display their favorites – whether that’s a colorful accent piece that speaks to them, a whimsical sofa pillow that makes them laugh, or a wall of photos that brings their loved ones and their favorite memories into the room with them every day.

Many paint manufacturers have announced their 2022 colors of the year. Overall, they follow an earthy, natural trend that brings the outdoors inside – maybe because we all felt cooped up inside for so long!

Here are several that are similar to those we see our homebuyers choosing, too.

Benjamin Moore October Mist 1495

While you might expect a color named “October” would use vibrant fall colors, think instead of the green hues that remain as summer transitions to autumn. It’s no longer the bright green of new leaves, but a softer, dare we say wiser, calmer green.

We’ve seen greens like this in lake-view family rooms with plentiful natural light as well as in bedrooms, where the calming effect is real.

family room

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog

Sherwin Williams also chose a green with their Evergreen Fog. The manufacturer describes this color, however, as a “chameleon,” in which you have green, grey and even a hint of blue. They also use descriptors such as “subtle,” “calm,” and “renewing.”

A little darker than the October Mist style of green, we’ve seen this grey-green color type in bright great rooms as well as darker mudrooms, hallways and bedrooms.

Behr Breezeway

Behr continues with the green theme, though this one is a cooler, almost translucent shade called “seaglass green.” While also calming, this shade is lighter, brighter and perhaps more cheerful. Though white kitchens have been the rage, this is the type of airy color that we’ve seen many homeowners select when they find solid white to be too stark.

HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams Aleutian

This color is representative of the blue-greys we’ve seen a lot recently. The manufacturers describe Aleutian as a “perfectly balanced washed indigo” that brings in both warmth and coolness and evokes feelings of relaxation.

custom home foyer

We’ve seen similar lighter tones used on walls in many different areas of homes. As a backdrop, it lightens dark or heavy furniture. We also see darker, richer versions of this color used as accents, whether on a wall, a piece of statement furniture, or the kitchen island.

Harcrest Homes would love to help you get into your lakeside dream home in 2022. To see images of some of our homes and to learn more about our work, please visit us at www.harcresthomes.com. We can’t wait to see what colors you choose to define your lifestyle!